Event invitation




Individual sprint on Saturday 18.2. (qualifications and final)

Sprint relay on Sunday 19.2. (4-6 legs)



Friday 17.2.

18:00-20:00 Info open in the competition center

Saturday 18.2.

8:00 the competition center is opened

10:00 first starts in the qualification competition

13:00 first starts in the final

17:00 the competition center is closed

Sunday 19.2.

7:30 the competition center is opened

9:00 the first start in the relay


Individual Classes: H15, H17, H20, H21, H35, H40, H45, H50, H55, H60, H65, H70, H75, H80, H85, D15, D17, D20, D21, D35, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60, D65, D70, D75, D80 ja D85

Classes H21 and D21

The 30 best competitors in the qualification race in H21 and the 30 best in D21 are taken into the final, where Finnish Championships are determined. A place in the final requires an approved race in the qualification competition.

For those who do not qualify to the final or have dropped out of the qualification or have been disqualified, there is a B-final, which is a national race.

Those who have not participated in the qualification race do not have a right to participate in the B-final either. Instead they are allowed to participate in a C-final, where ranking points are not given.

Relay classes: H17, H20, H21, H80-, H100-, H120-, H140-, D17, D20, D21, D80-, D100-, D120-, D140-.

Entry: Using Finnish Orienteering Federations IRMA-service, at least on Thursday 9.2.2017 at 24:00 hours. Or by email at least Thursday 9.2.2017 at 24:00 hours. Entry fee must be payed at same time to Navi account FI 08 5271 1820 0097 35.


Entry Fee: Individual classes 34,35 €, sprint relay 77,40 € (2 persons/4 legs) and 79,40 € (2 persons/6 legs). Entry fee must be payed using IRMA-service.

Punching. EmitTag punching in all classes. Remember to inform your Emit Tag number in IRMA service or in your email entry, otherwise the organizers will give you a rental EmitTag. Rental EmiTags can be collected from the info at the competition center on Friday evening between 18-20 hours, and on Saturday morning from a separate EmiTag point close to the info. EmiTag rent 6€ is to be paid in cash at the same time. EmiTags must be returned to the info latest on Sunday after coming to the finish. If an EmiTag is not returned, a 100€ bill will be sent to the competitor.

Map: Printed 2/2017, scale 1:5000, contour interval 5 m, size A4.

Guidance: Guidance to the event center starts at highway 13, 3km towards Jyväskylä from the crossroads of highways 5 and 13. From the beginning of the guidance there is less than 1km to the event center. The competition center is in Karkialampi garrison area, address Tyrjäntie 22, Mikkeli. Parking area is in inside the garrison area at least 300 from competition center.

Dressing and showers: Inside the Kuntotalo building.

Toilets: Inside and outside the Kuntotalo building.

Waxing: Waxing happens outside. On the event center´s map there are marked areas where there are electricity plugs available for waxing purposes.

Restaurant: Inside the Kuntotalo building. You can buy coffee, drinks, bread, soup and sausages.

Accomodation: You can find accommodation possibilities from internet pages. Note! At same weekend in Mikkeli will be organized Vaakuna rally competition. Be early to book hotels.


Event director: Juhani Sihvonen +3584577319462 ()

General secretary: Milka Viita +358504049534 ()

Course setter: Jorma Kemppi

IOF-controller and Technical Advisor : Hannu Myllärinen

Course controller: Raimo Hyyryläinen (Juvan Urheilijat)

Information: www.navisuunnistus.fi

Welcome to Mikkeli!